Full Strength

Personal Training

Full Strength strives to provide you with innovative and personalized training techniques to help reach your goals. From competitive athletes to mature individuals looking to increase quality of life, we specialize in individual training, as well as small group options.

Our studio is open by appointment only, and trainers are available for on-site scheduling to meet your specific training requirements.

Read what people are saying about us.

After three years of working with Full Strength as my personal trainers, I continue to be extremely satisfied with what they do and how they do it.

The best example is their response to my recovery from breast cancer surgery--they designed a special program for me, one that both enhanced my strength and protected me from possible injury. I wanted to move faster than they did, but they rightly insisted that I take it step by step.

My husband and I both recommend Full Strength without qualification.

- Penny and John P.

I have been working at Full Strength for over a year now. My experience has been both enjoyable and physically challenging. Full Strength develops a personal program of exercises for me by making the exercises fun yet I can see progress and results. Although the program works with specific muscle groups and aerobic activities, Full Strength provides a variety of exercises so that I am not bored with the same routine each time. Full Strength incorporates warm-up and cool down movements that should be a part of a good exercise program. I appreciate the modifications with my program such as giving me conditioning exercises for downhill skiing.

Full Strength is a quality facility with knowledgeable staff and a friendly atmosphere. I would recommend it to anyone who needs the extra motivation to stick with an exercise program.

- Rita L.

I started at Full Strength with the goal of preparing for dogsled camp in Minnesota. The application for dogsled camp suggested I have good fitness and strength. After working with Neil for several months, I had the stamina to enjoy camp. I have now attended out of the last three years, am still working out at Full Strength and at the age of 63 feel stronger than ever.

- Dru

I am writing to express my thanks to Full Strength for their expertise in helping me go from a 205lb weakling to a 140lb person who can now do push ups, lift weights, walk forever and feel confident about myself and my health.

Full Strength's trainers have always been there to challenge me, encourage me and make the hour pass quickly.

I would recommend this type of personalized training for everyone as you only have one life and you are responsible for taking as good care of it as you do your car or house. You are the most important investment you can make in life.

Thanks sincerely,
Dr. Carla R.

I would like to express my gratitude for Full Strength's exceptional services. I have been training at Full Strength for a year and I have nothing but praise. Each member of the staff is knowledgeable, personable, and professional. They designed a program specifically around my goals, strengths, and weaknesses. Through this program we were able to improve my core-strength, balance, and quickness. The training as Full Strength has been the pivotal factor in my vastly improved recovery, maintaining my ability to compete consistently. Because of the wealth of knowledge and experience contained within the Full Strength team, I have constantly received the highest level of on-season and off-season conditioning. I highly recommend Full Strength's staff and services to anyone with goals of athletic improvement.

Jeffrey S.


I started working out with Neil at Full Strength almost three years ago. Before this, I had made several attempts at sports and fitness without much success:  every trial was short-lived and nothing felt like a good fit for me.

I wasn't sure about personal training, but wanted to feel better so I started with a few sessions with Neil. From the beginning I was impressed by Neil's knowledge and passion for fitness, a walk that he walks himself everyday.

He created a plan for me, and is always adjusting my training to fit my level and my needs. He is a compassionate, experienced, humane and intelligent trainer that spends as much time training as well as educating me and his other clients about  healthy habits.

Through careful and individualized planning of work outs, he has allowed me to be as fit as I have ever been. For the first time I have felt committed to a healthy exercise plan thanks to Neil and the staff at Full Strenght.