Full Strength

Personal Training

Full Strength strives to provide you with innovative and personalized training techniques to help reach your goals. From competitive athletes to mature individuals looking to increase quality of life, we specialize in individual training, as well as small group options.

Our studio is open by appointment only, and trainers are available for on-site scheduling to meet your specific training requirements.

Initial Visit / Goal Setting


When I decided to change my approach to fitness, I knew I needed something to work toward – goals. I wanted to feel a sense of accomplishment. Plus, the goals I had in mind were fun. Even though I know working out is good for you, sometimes it’s just another thing on the to-do list.

When I decided I would ride my bike around Spring Lake and Mackinaw Island, I knew I had to increase my biking distance and change up my relaxing rides down the bike path with more intense rides to achieve this. It was no longer about working out because it’s good for me. It was about my goals.

How goals are used to make a plan

Neil developed an individualized workout plan for me based on my assessment. He listened to my goals, and took into account my activities like biking, swimming, walking and golf. His plan to help me reach my goals included routines for strengthening my hips, legs, feet and core.

Why it matters

• Short-term achievable goals for fitness like biking around the
   lake are stepping-stones to long-term goals.

• Once you have tackled smaller goals, long-term goals like
   surfing in ocean are that much closer to being achievable by
   applying the same disciplined approach.

Why short-term diets don't work

One of the questions Neil asked me during my first visit was if I had lost/gained weight though a crash diet. I asked him why this was important, and he told me that it’s better to lose weight gradually while maintaining a healthy diet. Neil explained that people tend to maintain the weight loss this way.

Changing how you think about fitness & weight loss

•  Learning new habits/strategies

•  Fitness for long term success with weight
    loss vs. short term

•  The better, healthier approach